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Are you charged with a crime or under investigation?  The criminal defense lawyers at Epstein & Conroy can help.

If you are charged with a crime, do not do anything without first speaking to an experienced attorney like the dedicated criminal lawyers at Epstein & Conroy.  Prosecutors and police are building a case against you from the moment you are arrested and, despite what you may think in the moment, you cannot talk your way out of it.  Exercise your right to remain silent and contact an experienced Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer right away. 

From the moment you are arrested, law enforcement is gathering evidence and building a case to convict you.  Our attorneys – Gary Conroy and Jason Eldridge – have ushered numerous clients through the investigation and arrest process.  We regularly represent defendants during police and FBI questioning, and at lineups throughout New York City.  It is essential that you have a competent lawyer representing you every step of the way: investigation – arrest – police interrogation – lineups – arraignments and bail hearings.  Do not wait to contact an attorney.  Your future may depend upon how your case is handled before you are ever arrested.  To speak with one of our experienced criminal lawyers in Brooklyn, call 718-852-6763. 

Cases We Handle

Murder Defense – A murder conviction can lead to many decades behind bars or even a life sentence without the possibility of parole.  The experienced Brooklyn criminal defense lawyers at Epstein & Conroy have extensive practice managing murder investigations and representing people accused of murder and manslaughter charges.  Additionally, we are not afraid to put the prosecution to the test and we have experience taking murder cases to trial.  An experienced homicide lawyer can be the difference between incarceration and freedom.

Violent Crimes Defense – Our violent crimes practice includes representing clients accused of assault, kidnapping, arson, robbery, burglary and weapons possession.  Many of these offenses carry substantial penalties, including the potential for years or decades of incarceration.  The Brooklyn assault lawyers at Epstein & Conroy are not afraid to challenge the evidence and go to trial defending clients accused of violent crimes. 

Sex Crimes Defense – Sex offense convictions can have consequences that extend far beyond prison time.  In addition to a lengthy period of incarceration, a defendant faces the social stigma of being labeled a convicted sex offender.  The criminal lawyers at Epstein & Conroy – Gary Conroy and Jason Eldridge – have successfully represented clients charged with all levels of sexual assault, including sex crimes against children.  We also represent convicted sex offenders at SORA classification hearings (Sex Offender Registration Act) where defendants face the potential of lifetime registration as a sex offender in the State of New York. 

DUI/DWI Defense - The consequences of a New York DUI arrest begin immediately. Once arrested, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can suspend your license before you are even convicted – this is known as the “Prompt Suspension Law” in New York.  To potentially avoid losing your driver’s license, you need to seek legal help from an experienced DUI lawyer in Brooklyn promptly after your arrest – an attorney who specifically knows New York DUI law. A DUI conviction can lead to substantial fines, jail time, a suspension or even revocation of your driver’s license, and further penalties that become even more drastic if you have a prior conviction.  An experienced DUI lawyer can fight to protect your driving privileges and fight for your rights in criminal court.

Drug Charges Defense – The drug possession lawyers at Epstein & Conroy – Gary Conroy and Jason Eldridge – represent clients charged with drug possession and sales of all levels, including prescription drug offenses.  New York City prosecutors have special legal teams dedicated to aggressively prosecuting drug offenses.  If you intend to realistically defend yourself against a drug charge in court, it is essential that you have a drug possession lawyer in Brooklyn who knows New York drug laws and courts.  New York law enforcement officials and prosecutors take a harsh stance against drug offenders and you need aggressive legal representation to protect your rights.  A Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer at Epstein & Conroy has extensive practice fighting drug charges throughout New York City in state and federal courts.

Domestic Violence/Assault Defense – Domestic assaults and domestic violence carry serious criminal penalties and also carry serious social stigma.  Additionally, crimes charged as domestic violence can come with special, enhanced penalties. The Brooklyn domestic violence lawyers at Epstein & Conroy represent clients facing allegations of crimes against children, domestic assault and harassment.  Our domestic violence attorneys are also available to handle cases involving Orders of Protection (OOPs) and alleged violations of Orders of Protection – this is the New York version of what is commonly referred to as a Restraining Order.

White Collar Crimes Defense – Cases in involving so-called white collar crimes can be very complex, and any realistic defense will require white collar criminal defense attorneys who possess great attention to detail and legal acumen.  White collar charges often stem from extensive investigations involving the cooperation of several law enforcement agencies.  As the target of an investigation, you must take action quickly to avoid being put even further at a disadvantage.  Our white collar criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience with White Collar Crimes, including cybercrimes, ransomware attacks, money laundering, counterfeiting, identity theft, bitcoin crimes, tax evasion, cigarette tax cases, and cyber revenge porn.  If you are under investigation for a white collar Crime, do not delay.  Call us right away to schedule an appointment: 718-852-6763.

Misdemeanor Defense – In addition to representing clients facing serious felony charges, we routinely handle misdemeanor cases in Brooklyn and all other boroughs of New York City.  If you are accused of a misdemeanor offense, do not take it lightly - a misdemeanor conviction can result in up to a year of jail time, three years of probation, a criminal record, and possible immigration issues.

Police Investigations/Surrenders – If you are the subject of a criminal investigation – federal or state – hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer can possibly prevent charges from being filed against you.  Do not wait until you are formally charged to start protecting yourself.  Epstein & Conroy’s criminal lawyers in Brooklyn are experienced protecting the rights of individuals under investigation by the FBI, NYPD, Homeland Security, and other government agencies. If you received a summons or desk appearance ticket (DAT), or if you have a warrant for your arrest, we can advise you and begin to protect your rights before you are ever charged with a criminal offense.  If you are under investigation, do not wait for charges to issue before hiring an attorney.  Call a Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer at Epstein & Conroy right away to learn how we can help. 

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late.  Contact a Brooklyn Criminal Defense Lawyer at Epstein & Conroy To Discuss Your Case Today.

If you or a loved one are under investigation or charged with a criminal offense, call the criminal defense lawyers at Epstein & Conroy today at 718-852-6763 to arrange for a free consultation.  Tell us about your situation in confidence and let us help you understand the law.  Do not wait until it is too late to call an attorney.  The prosecution has a dedicated legal team building its case against you.  By hiring an attorney early in your case, you may be able to mitigate some of the damage.  A criminal record is life altering.  Protect yourself.  Protect your rights.  Call the criminal defense attorneys at Epstein & Conroy to learn how we can help.   

The law office of Epstein & Conroy, P.C., is experienced handling cases of all levels in state and federal courts of New York City.  Attorneys Gary Conroy and Jason Eldridge have represented countless defendants accused of serious offenses like murder and money laundering, down through misdemeanor offenses and violations.  No crime is too large or too small for our experienced and aggressive legal team.  No matter the charge, we understand that it is affecting your life and we take our responsibility seriously.  We offer a free consultation in a low-pressure office so that we might learn about your case and your background and discuss how we can help. 

A criminal record can have drastic and permanent life-changing consequences.  In addition to potential incarceration and/or probation, a criminal record may affect your future employment, housing and schooling opportunities, not to mention the social stigma and shame of having a criminal record.    

If you are not a United States citizen, a criminal record can have a horrific effect on your status in the U.S. and could lead to your permanent deportation.  It is important that your criminal defense lawyer have a firm grasp of current immigration law and the consequences for various types of convictions.  Only with a solid understanding of immigration law can your criminal defense lawyer advise you accurately as to the outcome for various types of pleas and the possible consequences of a trial. 

Choosing the right attorney to represent you, or your loved one, may be the most important decision you make.  If you or a loved one are charged with a crime, or if you are under investigation, we welcome you to call our office at 718-852-6763 to discuss your case.  Let us put our experience and dedication to work for you. 

By hiring a criminal lawyer early in the process, you may be able to mitigate some of the damage.  An experienced attorney can defend you and protect your rights even if you are “only” under investigation.  Our Brooklyn criminal defense attorneys – Gary Conroy and Jason Eldridge – are licensed in multiple states and federal courts.  We apply our experience and passion in an effort to win all of our cases.  Call today to speak with us and find out how we can help you.  You have nothing to lose by calling 718-852-6763.

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"David Epstein helped a good friend avoid a criminal conviction that could have ruined his life. He was arrested based on false allegations of his ex wife. David was able to prove my cousin was innocent.He was resourceful, caring and did a great job. I recommend him highly."