Violent Crimes Defense

A criminal conviction for a violent offense has lifelong consequences that extend far beyond the courtroom. We fight to have cases dismissed. However, if a case cannot be dismissed, the attorneys at Epstein & Conroy fully understand the repercussions of a conviction and work tirelessly to reduce the consequences and effects on your life.  Remember, an arrest does not necessarily mean you will be convicted, and a conviction does not have to mean the absolute worst in terms of the penalties that prosecutors and judges have available.

Experienced Attorneys for Individuals Charged with Violent Crimes in NYC

  • Assault - In New York, charges for assault, or even attempted assault, can range from misdemeanors through felonies and the associated penalties can range up to twenty five or more years in prison.
  • Kidnapping - The legal definition of kidnapping is broader than most people realize and a New York a conviction for kidnapping can result in severe consequences. In the most severe cases, a felony conviction for kidnapping can lead to a maximum of life imprisonment.
  • Arson - Under New York law, there are five degrees of arson. While fifth-degree arson is a Class A misdemeanor, first-degree arson is a Class A-1 felony, which carries the potential for life behind bars. Many of the differences between the degrees of arson rely upon the alleged offender’s intent at the time of the offense.
  • Robbery - New York law defines the crime of robbery as, “forcible stealing,” which includes using force or the threat of force in the course of taking someone else’s property. Robbery can be charged as a Class D, Class C or Class B felony, with maximum prison sentences ranging from seven to 25 years.
  • Burglary - Like robbery, burglary can be charged as a Class D, Class C or Class B felony depending upon the specific facts and any “aggravating factors” involved. For a first-degree burglary conviction, you could be looking at up to 25 years behind bars.
  • Gun and Weapons Possession - New York prosecutes gun possession very vigorously. A complex set of laws covers possession of guns and other weapons, with specific offenses that range from simple misdemeanors to serious violent felonies. If you are facing charges for gun or weapon possession, you must speak with an attorney about your defense strategy right away.

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