Drug Charges Defense

Prescription Medications

Prescription medication addiction is a growing phenomenon.  New York State has specific criminal laws for the “criminal diversion” of prescription medications.  If you are charged with a drug offense, do not think it is not serious simply because it involves prescription medications.  Courts and prosecutors take very seriously the illegal sale and possession of prescription medication.  The attorneys at Epstein & Conroy are experienced handling drug cases of all levels. 

Marijuana Possession

The laws regulating marijuana are rapidly evolving across the country.  Currently, in New York, the first-time possession of 25 grams or less of marijuana is a violation, not a crime.  Violations come with their own consequences, but they do not add to a defendant’s criminal record.  Possession of larger amounts of marijuana remains a criminal offense.  If you are arrested for possession of marijuana, do not think because it is just marijuana there are no consequences.  Call Epstein & Conroy for a free consultation to speak about your case. 

Intent to Sell

Generally, possessing drugs with the intent to sell them carries harsher penalties than possessing drugs for personal use.  Under certain circumstances a person may be charged with possession with intent to sell even if there is no buyer present and even if the drugs were possessed only for personal use.  When charged with a drug crime – straight possession or possession with intent to sell – it’s imperative that you have an attorney who knows and understands the New York drug laws working on your side.  Call Epstein & Conroy for a free consultation to evaluate your drug case. 

Felony Drug Offenses

Felony drug offenses in New York carry harsh penalties, including lengthy prison sentences of up to life in prison in some cases.  The state is armed with dedicated drug squads in law enforcement and dedicated special prosecution units tailored to prosecute drug offenders.  If you are charged with a felony drug offense you must seek out strong legal representation.  In addition, if you suspect that you are being investigated for a drug offense you can hire an attorney to protect you and to protect your rights.  The attorneys at Epstein & Conroy know how to handle serious drug felonies.  Call us at (718) 852-6763 today for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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