What Our Clients Have to Say

The Brooklyn criminal defense attorneys at Epstein & Conroy have a long record of successful results and satisfied clients. Here are what just a few of our clients have had to say about our aggressive defense representation and client service:

This note of thanks is way overdue, but I have wanted for several weeks to let you know how much [my wife] and I appreciate your professionalism and the way you handled our son's case.
With our son facing three criminal charges while fighting to keep custody of his two-year-old son, much was riding on the results of his trial in the court that afternoon.  Your decision-making skills, courtroom demeanor, and knowledge of the legal system were paramount to him eventually being cleared of all three charges.  For that [my wife] and I are grateful.
  • A Satisfied Client

These guys are top-notch and really know their stuff! When Conroy is on the record, everybody listens - especially the judge. Because the judge knows that Conroy knows the law better than he does! People fall over each other, following this guy out of the courtroom, hoping he'll take their case. The best - New York's finest - I tell you.

  •  Kenneth Giedd, client

 I highly recommend that everyone use Epstein & Conroy!!! From the minute I stepped into the office I knew I went to the right place. Both Gary & Jason are amazing guys and very professional. If you decide to use their services, you won't be disappointed.

  •  Epstein & Conroy client

I owe Mr. Conroy my life. He is the best. He has helped me in various cases and at the end it was always a win. His prices are fair and his work is phenomenal. I will always recommend Mr. Conroy and Mr. Eldridge. Guys, keep up the good work. God bless.

  • Iris Rivera, client

Under the circumstances, I felt a kind of comfort that Epstein & Conroy was representing me. They have an amazing team. 10 minutes into the consultation it was evident that my search for representation was over. Still extremely grateful for the diligence and persistence that was put forth on my behalf. Thank you again, Epstein & Conroy.

  • Jon Garcia, client

These are amazing guys. I would highly trust them!! I recommend anyone who’s going through some serious trouble to reach out to Epstein & Conroy!!

  • Eric Rivera, client

They are outstanding attorneys. Highly recommended.

  • Tamara Gonzalez, client

I cannot even put into words how appreciative I am of their hard work and expertise. Because of them, my husband was free and we were able to live our lives. They communicated with me and my family all the time in a way that we could understand everything that was going on and what they were doing for him. That made my family feel secure and safe knowing that they had my husband’s back. I really could sleep better at night and could go on doing my daily stuff with much less anxiety and stress.

We are so grateful for David Epstein. David was so respectful, personable and straight forward. One time an FBI agent came to our door very late in the evening, after hours, and we didn't know what to do so I called him right away, David told me exactly what I needed to do and say so that I wouldn't jeopardize anything for my son. They were with me every step of the way, from the beginning to the end. It's been 18 years and no matter when I call he’s been there for my husband & my family always helping us & getting the best results. My husband’s case was very serious & he served no jail time. Thank you so much! We love you guys! I highly recommend Epstein & Conroy. Best attorneys!

  • Carol Sepe

David Epstein helped a good friend avoid a criminal conviction that could have ruined his life.

He was arrested based on false allegations of his ex-wife. David was able to prove my cousin was innocent. He was resourceful, caring and did a great job. I recommend him highly.

  • Sandy Pitofsky

Epstein and Conroy is highly recommended by me. I have used David Epstein on several matters, both personal and professional matters. He is always courteous, professional and is an excellent attorney. In my opinion having Epstein & Conroy on my side guarantees me being on the winning team!!!

  • A., client

I have had the pleasure of using Mr. Conroy on two occasions and he has obtained excellent results. He listens to his clients and explains the law and potential solutions. He has been able to have prosecuting attorney's recommendations overruled. Excellent Attorney to use in criminal cases.

  • Epstein & Conroy client

If you have been charged with a crime, find out why so many New Yorkers have placed their trust in Epstein & Conroy.

At Epstein & Conroy, we offer free, confidential initial consultations to those accused of New York criminal offenses. We can evaluate the charges, advise you of your options, and speak with prosecutors on your behalf. While we will seek to minimize the consequences of a trial conviction or negotiated plea, our first priority in every case we handle is obtaining a dismissal of the charges.

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Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

"David Epstein helped a good friend avoid a criminal conviction that could have ruined his life. He was arrested based on false allegations of his ex wife. David was able to prove my cousin was innocent.He was resourceful, caring and did a great job. I recommend him highly."